Monday, February 11, 2013

Currency Wars...

We've had virtually no discussion about this topic. Yet, it's extremely important for the next phase we are headed in. One effect of currency wars is when other nations revalue their currency in order to give them an advantage on the global playing field.Venezuela just did that.

Venezuela Launches First Nuke In Currency Wars, Devalues Currency By 46%

What's that mean? To their people, bread over night cost 46% more and precious metals were worth 46% more. Loans made to that country instantly lost 46% of their value.

Global currency war could get nastier, warns Brazil's Mantega

Recently, we saw the government of Germany repatriate a big portion of their gold from the New Yorkand all of it from France. There have been more and more reports coming in from other nations of this taking place as well. This is not good for the US. Everyone is putting up their guard as policy makers know what is coming...

When you see some of the articles posted on here about clamping down in this country this is just part of the reason. There will be a financial collapse. That is just a fact of life. None of the financials have been fixed from 2008 and the money printing has only gotten worse. This is why I’m posting these links to give some who may not have this understanding a little insight.

Historically, we have trade wars (those have been going on), currency wars (going on), world war and then a world body of some sort comes together to make everything right (insert sarcasm). This happened with WWI and ended there with the founding of the League of Nations. It happened in WWII and ended there with the founding of the United Nations. At this point War with Iran/Syria is pretty certain, which will trigger more troubles, but there will again be peace but it will be a false peace and an abomination of the most highest… What am I speaking of? A false savior will come, none other than Satan playing Jesus Christ.

Keep your eyes and ears open…


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