Monday, July 1, 2013

End Times Deception: Global Government Lurks Behind the Curtain

By: Brandon T. Ward

(Video) - Yesterday we reported on an article titled, "Foreign Boots on American Soil: Russia To Share Military “Security Experts” With United States During Mass Disaster Incidents and Emergencies"

The article outlines that Russian troops will be used on American soil in the event of any mass calamity. This is in fact a peace agreement, as you do not make these types of agreements with your enemy.

In response to this revelation we made the following comment in that article,
"This is an extremely important article. This is yet another example, the end times flood of lies are well underway. You are being told Russian troops will be deployed on U.S. soil in the event of any mass calamity. So there is a huge agreement there. Now think, what are you being told about these two nations in Russia? They are at odds with each other. This is only theater, keeping you in a constant state of confusion. Keep your eye on Christ where his Word clarifies all things."
 The following is from a Reuters article published today,
"President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Russia would not hand former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden over to the United States but that if Snowden wants to stay in Russia he "must stop his work aimed at harming our American partners".

Snowden "is not a Russian agent", Putin said, repeating that Russian intelligence services were not working with the fugitive American, who is believed to remain in the transit area at a Moscow airport eight days after arriving from Hong Kong."
It should be extremely clear we are witnessing mass theater involved on the world stage at this time. The public is constantly being told Russia and the United States are on the verge of war, a cold war if you will. These stories document that is a lie. This is merely to keep the public in a constant state of confusion which is what the end times are all about. Mystery Babylon is confusion.

The words spoken by our leaders are not words of war, rather words of peace. The entire world will come together in peace, but it shall not stand. We documented this in a short study yesterday titled, "New World Order: What Will Become of Earth's Governments?" There will be war, but only selected wars which will bring about a desired result. That result is the emergence of the New World Order, more specific, the Beast system of Revelation 13.

We are witnessing the start of Isaiah 17:1 as I write this article. Soon after the destruction of Damascus, the destruction of Persia will commence (Daniel 8). The powers that be are waging these wars against Syria and Iran in order to bring about the New World Order. Once these nations are conquered then the Globalists will be able to raise up their Global Government. In essence Syria and Iran are the only nations standing in their way. This is very biblical. The fact of Global Government is no secret, it is well documented.

The reason for the coming collapse of the world's financial system, again, is to bring about the New World Order. It will then be one government and one financial system. Let this be no mystery to you.

In the following video you will hear United States President Barack Obama make the following statement to then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, "After my election I have more flexibility."

These are peace agreements my friends. The end times deception is well underway.


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