Tuesday, August 27, 2013

U.S. Led Strike on Syria is Now Imminent

(Video) - The West is continuing to move military assets into the general region of the Middle East. Reports from Russia Today are coming in of British movements to Cyprus which is 100 miles away from Syria. Reports are also stating a U.S. led strike on Syria is now imminent. That strike would last two-days and consist of cruise missile and long range bomber strikes according to the Washington Post.

We were told the no-fly zone in Libya would be very short as well, instead it left the country in utter destruction. The Bible is unfolding right before our very eyes (Isaiah 17:1). In a speech given yesterday by United States Secretary of State John Kerry. He stated,

"What we saw in Syria last week should shock the conscience of the world," said Kerry. "It defies any code of morality. Let me be clear: The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. By any standard, it is inexcusable. And despite the excuses and equivocations that some have manufactured, it is undeniable."

As we documented in, "UN: Damascus is an Active War Zone. Obama, Cameron State, "Serious Response" for Alleged Assad Chemical Attack" the only party that is guilty of using chemical weapons is the rebels themselves. Yet, Assad is taking the blame. In our article titled, "Biblical Elements: Russia, China and Iran Nearly Silent as West States it Will Bomb Damascus This Week," we explain why.

As we have been reporting the plan to attack Syria has been in place for sometime now. As United States General Martin Dempsey reveals in a letter to Congress.

“Potential targets include high-value regime air defense, air, ground, missile, and naval forces as well as the supporting military facilities and command nodes. Stand-off air and missile systems could be used to strike hundreds of targets at a tempo of our choosing.”

In breaking news as of this writing Reuters states,

Western powers told the Syrian opposition to expect a strike against President Bashar al-Assad's forces within days, according to sources who attended a meeting between envoys and the Syrian National Coalition in Istanbul.

This explosive situation is showing no signs of simmering down. Meanwhile, the BBC reports Russia and China's tough rhetoric,

Russian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich has called on the international community to show "prudence" over the crisis and observe international law.

"Attempts to bypass the Security Council, once again to create artificial groundless excuses for a military intervention in the region are fraught with new suffering in Syria and catastrophic consequences for other countries of the Middle East and North Africa," he said in a statement.

Late on Monday, the US said it was postponing a meeting on Syria with Russian diplomats, citing "ongoing consultations" about alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria.

In other words, they are not going to do a thing about it. Of course, they are simply a part of the theater of the hour.

Russia Today also reports,

While top US officials hint at some unequivocal evidence implicating the Syrian government in the chemical attack, anonymous sources told NBC News late Monday the US is planning to release evidence as soon as Tuesday “to prepare the public for a possible military response.” 
CBS offers more detail into this development,

Obama ordered a declassified report be prepared for public release before any military strike commences. That report, top advisers tell CBS News, is due to be released in a day or two.

They have to bring some "proof" to the forefront as only 9% of the population is in favor of a strike against Syria.

On top of the war propaganda the state of the world is on the verge of absolute ruin. It is appearing each day that we are on the verge of collapse. The United States Debt clock has not moved in over 100 days, yet the spending continues and no one says a word. Everything is being held together by a single strand of string.

Have you prepared yourself for what is about to unfold? If you do not have God as a part of that equation no matter what your preparations are, you are absolutely unprepared for what is about to befall this world. Now is the time to acquire oil for your lamp.

Please Lord protect our fellow brothers and sisters is harms way. Please protect them from what is about to befall the nation of Syria if it be your will. We ask this in Jesus Name, Amen.

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